IPMasquerade & wearing my mask!

My Quest to find a solution to find  some online privacy and protection when enjoing the world wide web!


When I started surfing all those years ago, I remember feeling so apprehensive and cautious about the whole thing.Fast forward 15 years and I didnt give it a second thought.Familiarisation had got to me and that was it.Sure i remained cautious about certain sites , my banking issues and the usualy stuff to try to steer clear from and of course ensured I had an up to date antivirus for protection.


Well, until recently that is.I stumbled across these methods to hide your IP address, the unique identifier each of us have when we go online, assigned to you by your internet service provider.You see, this thing can give away a fair bit of information about your location and of course where your sufing habits.So i looked into this a little more and discoverd that you can mask your ip address by hiding behind a fake one, or a proxie as they are called.Sure, there are other solutions to this and a VPN is a good example that encrpts your data and offers great protection.But i noticed they were not that cheap and really you needed to sign up to monthly subscriptions for almost all of these, so that put me off.I wanted some good, yet cheap and reliable though did not rely on monthly outgoings.

And I found the answer!

There are quite a few  one click software solutions to hide your ip address using these proxies, that offer varying levels of anonymity and protection.A quick google search of best hide ip software will give you a clue! Hide your IP and IPVanish seem to be the two biggest on the market.

But are they the best?

 Well, I tried a few and some of the most popular were ok.But I noticed one of the ‘not so popular’ and downloaded a trial of IPMasquerade.Even the name had me intrigued! Now  before I get carried away here, it should be pointed out that its not the best looking application out there, compared to its competators! But it does have a function that sets it apart from the crowd.You see I have discovered that not all hide Ip programs tha use proxies are  equal! Most, use the same proxies to surf all web pages, but IPMasquerade does not.It has a neat little feature that allows you to input the sites you intend to surf and it finds the most compatible proxies suitable for these pages.This makes surfing a lot better than just picking any old IP.And quicker and more reliable!


masq only

IP Masquerade  hide your IP software !


Here’s an extract from the front page of the IPMasquerade site:


Want to surf anonymously and hide your IP address ?
Worried about your surfing tastes being monitored and you being traced?
Want to keep your online activities private ?
 Do you want to surf without leaking your Geo-location and other important data about you ?
 Well you can do ALL OF THIS & MORE with IP Masquerade !
 or you can check out a video demonstration here!

Most of these ip hider programs offer as standard:

  • Anonymous Surfing
  • Protect Your online Identity
  • Select Your Physical IP location
  •  Multiple filters to choose from
  • Access to previously banned Forums and Restricted Sites

With IP Masquerade you can select a fake IP addresses of your choice, with over 100 IP addresses and numerous countries to choose from.You are in control not the hackers !

You can see a video of how the software works HERE !

I find it reassuring that i can click a mouse and control what people see from my computer set up, browser settings, location ect.Its a basic privacy right that we are all entitled to.Why should anyone spy on another without their knowledge?

The feature around accessing certain restricted sites is interesting for anyone wanting to access music or video  sites that cannot due to country restrictions I believe.Not really my scene if honest but its a feature that will make it attractive to some.For me though its more about having my privacy respected when i surf.I dint want to give out unnecessary information to snoopers about where i live or what my surfing preferences are, so if this is important to you then i can highly recommend the software.

  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s easy to install
  • It’s reliable
  • It’s fast enough when surfing
  • It’s good at matching up web pages to proxies
  • It offers lots of IPs to choose from
  • It’s good value for money with a one time payment
  • And I cant think of any reason not to try it if online privacy is important to you.


There are other good reviews around , here’s one or two I have found that sings it’s praises also !



Grab a copy and keep your surfing private.

Thanks for stopping by & Stay safe when surfing!

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